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Malik Hamro just installed PVS on VitualBox using the ISO Ubuntu image on two different laptops that run windows OS. Here are his notes:

Installation was a breeze and works perfectly. Windows users might wish to use this route. Here are the steps of installing PVS on Windows using VirtualBox:

  1. Install VirtualBox from
  2. Start VirtualBox and create a new Server.
  3. Click next and select to create a "New Disk".
  4. You will be prompted to specify the folder where Virtual OS shall be located.
  5. Select folder and select next.
  6. Once server is created, you will be prompted to install OS from image.
  7. Select yes and insert CD with Ubuntu PVS iso image from

  1. This will start Ubuntu with PVS.
  2. Once Ubuntu is up, select to install.

That's all.

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